Every car needs a new pair of shoes every now and again. If your tires are wearing down, getting old, or have holes in them—then let us be your first call. We sell tires of all sizes from almost every vehicle under the sun. Our inventory consists of various major tire brands, so you can be sure we have the tires that you need.


All of our installers have been trained to the highest possible standards. We insist on the tire installation being done right the first time. We also believe in getting our clients back on the road as quickly as possible. That means we hustle, without rushing. Our team of installers are hand-selected for their ability to provide the best tire installation service around.


When installing a tire, our first step is to inspect the lugs and/or bolts. We then install the rubber valve stems. After mounting the tires, we proceed to balance the wheels—ensuring a smooth and safe ride. After tightening the lugs to the applicable torque, we service the TPMS (if applicable). Once we have completed the installation, you’re all set!