It happens to every driver at some point. Tire damage. While driving down the road, it can turn a normal commute into a dangerous situation. If your tires require repair, Jim's Automotive and Transmission can help! Not all tire damage is irreparable, and our tire experts can diagnose the problem, and recommend the right course of action! Although we sell brand new tires, we prefer that our clients leave our shop without spending unnecessary money. So, if your tires CAN be repaired, we’ll have them rolling like new.


City drivers know it well. Puncture damage can occur suddenly, or over time. Common road hazards, debris, curbs, or potholes can lead to sudden punctures that deflate your tires in an instant. But not every tire puncture means the tire has to be scrapped! Our tire repair experts can diagnose, and repair your tires—so you can confidently return your vehicle to the road.


If we think about all of the bumps and scrapes our tires take over their lifetimes, it’s easy to see why they might wear down and begin to deflate. A slow leak is typically something that can be fully repaired by sealing any holes in the tire, or resealing the tire to the rim. We fix slow leaks every day and we always ensure a top-quality repair!


We always recommend our clients come and see us regularly for a tire inspection. Your tires are one of the most important safety features your vehicle has. Our inspections are meticulous, ensuring no slow leak or tire damage goes unnoticed. We then offer our advice on a course of action should we detect any damage. Typically, a simple repair or patch may be in order. However, near the end of a tire’s lifespan, we may recommend new tires for your safety.